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Paving the Way offers family support groups and recreational activities for grieving families to assist them with re-engaging in life activities and providing a sense of normalcy.


Paving the Way's programs and services are comprised of three main components; Education, Support, and Recreation. Through community presentations, professional group counseling, and amazing activities, families receive help in their process of healing.

Suicide & Depression Education

Paving the Way provides information concerning how suicide and depression affect families who experience a sudden loss. 

Family Support Groups

Social support is known to enhance one’s quality of life and also acts as a buffer against adverse life events. Paving the Way provides a safe haven for families to share personal experiences and feelings, learn coping strategies, and build new relationships on the path to healing.

Family Recreational Activities

Recreation can improve one's ability to manage anxiety and stress. Paving the Way provides scheduled activities as a pathway for grieving families to meet new people, develop friendships, and gain a sense of normalcy in their community.


To participate in Paving the Way services, check out our Events Page for upcoming awareness and education events, or view the Services page for upcoming support group meeting dates and recreational activities.

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A kind act and display of compassion can reach many wounds that need healing

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